Women Resource Development Center
  Despite the increasing rates of female labor force in economic activities since the 1980s, conditions for women to enter into the labor market are still limited.  Thus, in order to answer the demands of women, to expand the employment of women, and to secure their employment, it's essential and required to expand the opportunities of skill training and vocational training for women as well as to strengthen up the training programs.   Especially as women workers fall into irregular women workers recently, it is urgent and important to develope vocational training for women.
   Women Resource and Development Center is a special training organization for women as ray of hope for women to give diverse job training and job information actively and to hold general education courses.  
  Women Resource and Development Center sets up the following main goals:
  * Development of job areas for women in the 21st century and Implementation of special job  
  * Active job counseling and Creation of jobs to expand the women's opportunities for  
    economic and social activities  
  * Effective management of child care facilities and counseling center for solving the
    difficulties of women workers to improve the welfare of working women
  * Development and Implementation of useful and diverse general education programs

Kuro, Seoul 82-2-867-4456 (FAX 4459)
Dongrae, Pusan 82-51-503-7268 (FAX 505-7151)

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Hotline for Equality (Equaline)
1. Background of Hotline for Equality (Equaline)

    Equaline was opened  in five branches of KWWAU (Seoul, Inchon, Masan, Kwangju, and Pusan) in October of 1995 and now expanded to other three branches (North Cholla, Ansan, and Buchon). KWWAU has given training programs to counselors in each branch twice a year and published case study books based on counseling cases from all branches every year. Besides 8 branches, KWWAU also helps other organizations open a counseling center for women workers by exchanging information and advice.

   Equaline wants to solve the problems and difficulties that working women face today. Equaline gives counseling to women workers who seek for advice and help from employment insecurity, gender discrimination at workplace, maternity protection, sexual harassment and verbal/physical violence at workplace, and occupational disease.   Equaline also counsels women workers who asks for advice about obtaining jobs, difficulties with jobs and colleagues, and  unjust labor practices and explains how to organize a trade union and how to secure basic rights of workers. Especially, the recent economic slowdown made female labor periphery and irregular workers so that Equaline now concentrates on the protection of women workers' rights.

   In addition to counseling, Equaline holds public hearings and urges the Government to make proper policies for women workers as well as makes Equaline public and develops training programs.

2. Main Activities of Equaline

1) Counseling
*  Free counseling for legal advice : women workers get legal advice for free who are suffering from backwage, dismissal, temporary job status, forced resignation on marriage, discriminative earlier resignation and so on.
* Maternity Protection : women workers get counseling on protection of pregnant women workers, menstrual leave, miscarriage leave, and delivery leave.
* Child Care leave and facilities at workplace : women workers get support to improve the conditions of child care facilities at workplace.
* Equal rights as workers : women workers get counseling on gender discrimination of recruitment, employment, promotion, education, discriminative wage and bonus gap, forced resignation on marriage and discriminative earlier resignation.
* Unstable employment : temporary and subcontract women workers get information on their rights protected by labor laws in case of plants closure, plants dislocation, layoffs, and dismissal and women workers can be protected and enjoy healthy lives through counseling on occupational disease, harmful chemicals and poor working conditions.
* Counseling on basic rights of workers : women workers get counseling on unjust labor practices, backwage, sexual harassment, assistance for establishment and activities of trade unions.

2) Training programs : Equaline holds training programs for counselors twice a year and supports education for women trade union members.

3) Development of women-friendly policies : Equaline develops proper policies for women workers to expand the coverage of maternity protection and to secure equal working conditions for both women and men.

4) Publication : Equaline publishes case study books based on counseling cases from all Equalines and holds a report announcement for the case study book.  Equaline also holds seminars to discuss the problems of women workers and provides materials for the trade unions and labor organizations.
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Action Center for Restoration of Irregular Women Workers' Rights
1. Main Objectives

1) To ensure that all protection measures guaranteed by the Constitution be observed for the enhancement of the basic rights and lives of women workers.
2) To guarantee the rights of women who could not actively assert their rights through counseling and through the use of legal and administrative protective mechanisms and contribute to the awareness enhancement of women workers.
3) Campaigning the government for the strengthening of administrative supervision and policy implementation for the protection of irregular workers.

2. Projects

1) Counseling projects
* Operation of counseling counters by KWWAU including headquarter and eight branches and  
  by Korean Women's Trade Union (KWTU) including headquarter and nine regional branches
* Workshops (once a month at headquarter and branches) to exchange information on    
  counseling cases and to prepare measures
* Supporting petitions or law suits to guarantee the legal rights of irregular women workers
* Connecting women to organizations providing legal support and to joint activities

2) Educational publicity campaigns
*  Publication and distribution of [This is How I Protect My Rights]
*  National Campaigns (once or twice a month, headquarter and branches)
*  Publication of [This is How I found My Rights] by Headquarter

3) Policy Projects

* Public debates to achieve the basic rights of irregular workers
       ① Workshop by experts on legal structural reform for irregular workers
          (once a month)
       ② To achieve the basic rights of subcontract women workers
       ③ Real situation of women workers and measures needed to realize their basic rights
       ④ Structural measures to eliminate gender discrimination
       ⑤ Research on the working and living conditions of women workers
       ⑥ Activities related to the minimum wage system
       ⑦ Debate on the reality of work accidents faced by golf caddies and application of
          work accident insurance

* Submitting policy proposals to the government administrative bodies, National Assembly and political parties to achieve the basic rights of irregular women workers

* Requesting administrative supervision
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