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  1. 2008.01.30 Research and Development
Research and Development
1. Job security (English version available)
* materials 'Public discussion on job security and its promotion for women workers' (1993)
* report 'Industrial restructuring and women employment in Korea' (1994)
* report 'Study on the effect of office automation on women workers' (1995)
* materials 'Public discussion on employment insurance and job security of women' (1995)
* materials 'Public discussion on how we deal with labor market policy of women'(1996)
* translation into Korean 'World Trade and Women'(1996)
* announcement 'Appropriate direction for amendment of women workers related laws'(1996)
* Rights of home-based workers to be protected as workers under ILO Conventions (1996)
* report 'Employment situation of women workers in garment industry and policy suggestions for them' (1997)
* materials 'Cyber-discussion on International Women's Day (1998)
* report' Survey on use of organic chemicals in electronic parts industry and health conditions of women workers' (1998)
* Employment situation and its solutions of unorganized women workers (1999)
* report 'Streams of women's employment for first quarter of 1999' cooperated with KCTU (1999)
* report 'Working conditions and monitoring results in workplace with less than 5 employees' (1999)
* materials 'Public discussion on survey of verbal/physical violence at workplace and proper countermeasures' cooperated with Womenlink and Korea Women's Hotline (2000)
* booklet 'Knowing the laws helps you see your rights' (2000)

2. Irregular Women Workers
* materials of organizing methods for irregular workers (1998)
* report 'Survey on real situations of dispatch women workers' (1999)
* materials ' Public discussion on application of Labor Standard Law to golf caddies and their discriminative early retirement' (2000)
* Globalization and Korean Women Labor (2000)
* materials ' Public discussion on measures to settle reasonable minimum wage through study on irregular workers' (2001)
* case study of irregular women workers' struggle 'I've got my rights back this way' (2001)
* case study of irregular women workers' struggle 'I've got my rights back this way 2' (2002)

3. Women's Unemployment
* report on real situation and monitoring results of public employment agencies (1998)
* white paper on activities of Action Center for Women's Unemployment (1998)
* materials 'Public discussion on proper countermeasures to unemployment of middle aged women' (1999)
* materials 'Discussion and Evaluation on Window for women to establish sisterhood' (1999)
* materials 'Evaluation on activities of Action Center for Women's Unemployment and  Discussion on proper policy suggestions to support unemployed women' (1999)
* report 'Survey on preparations of fresh female university graduates to enter labor market and measures to overcome discriminative employment' (2000)
* Study tour to Europe in search of devices to activate self-support programs and to develop programs (2001)

4. Maternity protection
* research on the actual conditions of maternity protection (1993)
* translation into Korean 'History of maternity protection movement in Japan' (1994)
* research on use of menstrual leave (1994)
* policy suggestion 'Countermeasures for society to bear cost of maternity protection' (1996)
* countermeasures to overcome shoulder muscle problems due to monotonous work (1996)
* research on maternity protection of women using toxic chemicals and countermeasures to protect them (1997)
* policy suggestion 'Actual conditions of maternity protection scheme and measures to improve the scheme' (2002)

5. Job training
* research report 'Actual conditions of job training for women and measures to expand' (1994)
* materials 'Discussion for policy suggestions to expand job training and education for women' (1996)

6. Socialization of child care
* case book of Japan 'working and rearing children' (1992)
* announcement 'cases to activate child care centers at workplace' (1993)
* materials 'Public discussion on direction of child care movement and future plans for women workers' movement' (1993)
* report 'Korea - Japan Exchange program of child care movement' (1994)
* social meeting on amendment of enforcement regulations for child care (1994)

7. Organizing women workers
* materials 'Public discussion on measures to build Korean Women Workers' Trade Union' (1999)
* prospect of KWTU and its solidarity (2000)
* women friendly measures for women's empowerment (2001)
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