'WHO WE ARE/Herstory'에 해당되는 글 2건

  1. 2008.02.01 Her Objectives (7)
  2. 2008.01.30 Her Birth and Growth (2)
Her Objectives

"Where working women's touch and wisdom are found, there is infinite life-energy; where working women's powerful voices are heard, there is hope for bright social progress."
   KWWA works to improve women workers' political, economic and social status, to build a true democracy and to bring about reunification of Korea.  
   KWWA represents women workers' voices and fights for women workers to resolve their   various problems.

   KWWA declares that we should make every effort to achieve the following main objectives for better realizing of women workers' Human Rights.

   * Elimination of gender discrimination in employment, wages, and job promotion
   * Equal pay for equal work
   * Improvement of working conditions and occupational health and safety in workplace
   * Legal and practical maternity protection
   * Expansion of child care facilities
   * Expansion of women's vacational training
   * Development of women workers' associations and female union leadership
   * Enacting and reforming women workers' related laws and ordinances
   * Consolidation of women's solidarity
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Her Birth and Growth

Korean  women workers have toiled in exploitative and dangerous working conditions since the beginning of industrial development in the 1960s. Despite the growth of the Korean economy, women workers still face intense discrimination, insecurity and exploitation in the workplace as well as in the society. However, women workers continue their struggles to achieve their basic rights as workers and as human beings.

   In the spirit of previous women workers' struggles and to encourage women workers to join the women workers' movement, leaders of the democratic trade union movement in the 1970s created Women Workers' Associations in Seoul as the starting point in March of 1987 and regional women workers' associations were formed in export concentrated sectors, industrial complexes and low income areas across the nation. In 1989, these Women Workers Associations began to interchange practical businesses and undertook collective organizational policy development, research, education, and publication of the "Working Women."

   On 12th of July in 1992, Korean Women Workers' Association United (KWWAU) was established to more effectively bring together the efforts of these regional groups and to strengthen the central policy making power. In June of 1995, Ministry of Labor certified Korean Women Workers' Association United as corporation aggregate.

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