Provide unemployment wages for interns and take fundamental measures to address unemployment of young generations!

The past December 31, 2009, we at the KWWA joined 'one person demonstration to demand to provide unemployment wages for interns' in front of Government's Complex.

Workers had to return their unemployment wages because of the lump-sum instruction by the Ministry of Labor that their unemployment wages have to be unpaid, if workers work for 180 days without Saturdays. Since December 7, one-person demonstration has been carried out everyday to make protests of that instruction, and to demand the government to take more fundamental measures to youth unemployment problems. Organizations such as the Democratic Labor Party, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, and People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy and individual members have joined the one-person demonstrations.

The tentatively named 'Youth Union' planning the demonstration is a youth NGO aiming at being a trade union which individual youth workers including unemployed youth can join. Modeled by Japanese 'Youth Union,' the NGO (with the membership of about 280, was founded in August 2009, to do a wide variety of activities such as organizing one person demonstrations, forums, lectures and concerts. It has recently begun to buckle down to establish a trade union through collecting its promoters.

Cho Geum-deuk, secretary-general of the Youth Union joining the one-person demonstrations expressed his view for forming strong solidarity with the KWWA, saying "We, a newly formed NGO have many difficulties and problems to tackle including how to organize youth. We'd like to work very hard with  other supportive organizations and our members. Your concerns and eagerness are very valuable."

Posted by KWWA

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