Result of consultation on rights of mother to commemorate pregnant women’s day: 544 cases in the first half of this year, consultation for maternity leaves is the largest, followed by child-care leave. Before childbirth encouragement event, women workers’ right for motherhood must be secured.


544 cases in the first half of this year, consultation for maternity leaves is the largest, followed by child-care leave. Before childbirth encouragement event women workers’ right for motherhood must be secured.


October 10 is the day of pregnant women. Under the host by Ministry of Health and Welfare organizer and the supervision of Planned Population Federation of Korea, the day of pregnant women was designated in order to encourage childbirth and considerate pregnant women. October 10 means the the month of harvest and abundance, October and period of gestation, 10 months.


However pregnant women workers are often kicked out under the "defective" covered in the office yet. When one 5 months pregnant women refused to night work, she was insulted such as "Only one person you're pregnant?" and Does it make sense that it is not possible for you to do what other people were also much? Do you think you're something special just because you are pregnant?" and received an order to move to anther departments. 5 years have passed since the establishment this company, but the atmosphere urges pregnant women to quit. (Gwangju Women Workers Association)


Korean Women Workers Association, to commemorate the pregnant women's day, collected and analyzed the case on the rights of mother consulted in the "Equal line-hotline" from January to June this year. They have consulted for six months, in the first half, 544 motherhood related cases through 8 Equal Lines in nationwide Seoul, Incheon, Busan, Bucheon, Jeonbuk, Machang, Ansan, Gwangju. If looking at the kind of consultation, 265 maternity leave (48.7%), 243 consultations on childbirth of childcare leave (44.7%), 22 disadvantage of pregnancy (4%), and 9 dismissal about pregnancy and childbirth (1.7%) and the like.


Consultation on maternity leave is divided into whether or not to use the leave, the duration of the leave, and difficulty of reinstatement after taking the leave.


90 days of maternity leave is ensured by law. However, female worker in the nursery school heard that because it is difficult to give 90 days of maternity leave, just she can take one month leave, if she doesn’t want it, quit the job from the director. ( Ma-chang Women Workers Association )


Non-regular female workers have been difficult further to receive blessing for bless pregnancy in particular. The situation of women workers in the public sector is also the same.


After talking about the state of the pregnancy to re-contract discussion, a female worker who had worked five years from nursery ward office was lost her job. (Busan Women Association) Since a sign of premature labor, a female worker who works in school as a contract employee, was to take sick leave before maternity leave, but she had the answer that but it was not possible because it is not a disease, so considers retirement. In addition, a female worker to work as temporary English teacher was told that it is not possible to give a child-care leave for temporary teacher. (Seoul Women Workers Association)


Though female workers use of child-care leave, after reinstatement, return of original job is not available, consultation to contact this there were many.


There is also a case that the consultation on the story where trying to reinstatement after parental leave, it was not possible to put a stop to force the human resources who has been selected as an alternative to human resources, there is no seat. (Jeonbuk Women Workers Association)


On the other hand, 95% of those consulted are women, men are only 5 percent. This shows the recognition of male workers of the rights of father such as the use of child-care leave and missing is not yet full. Further, of those consulted, became regular employees 45%, non-regular workers is about 20%. In the case of rights of mother consultation, there are many cases that female workers want to contact in order to guarantee their rights aggressively. But consultation of non-regular workers is small compared to the full-time because non-regular manual workers can not even worry due to deficiency of legal system itself.


To celebrate the pregnant women's day, events various variety have been made, but more importantly, the atmosphere in the workplace that can be pregnant working women in peace, birth, child care must be construction. Also to secure rights of mother properly, thorough supervision for workplace is required. In addition, in order to secure rights of mother of irregular workers women, improvement of legislation to expand the childcare participation of men must be performed together.

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Not Housekeeper, but Domestic workers
- The press conference to request a change of title SBS drama [The Suspicious Housekeeper]


September 6, 12:00, middle-aged women flock has been gathered one after another in front of SBS, Mok-dong. They were house managers National House Managers Cooperative, experts in housework. They were gathered to request a change of title of drama [The Suspicious Housekeeper], began airing on September 23 at the SBS. As the word ‘housekeeper’ is perceived “a swamper for house-chores”, namely a “servant” rather than a term for professional occupation, ‘housekeeper’ signifies the lower class who are not respected as workers.


Prior to this press conference, Korean Women Workers Association and National House Managers Cooperative had passed a written opinion which requires not using the anachronistic words, housekeeper, on the SBS side over twice. However, for the first written opinion, SBS replied that it is a “value-neutral and upgraded term compared to kitchen-maid with negative image” and it change of title is not possible for the sake of "dramatic impact and the contractual terms of the original". They have been silent for the second written opinion. Therefore National House Managers Cooperative, Korea Women Workers Association and Korean Women's Associations United came to street in order to request a change of title of [The Suspicious Housekeeper].


At opening remarks, Yun-ok Im, Vice-President of the Korean Women Workers Association made a request to "not use the term housekeeper which tramples the professional self-esteem." She also raised her voice to put emphasis on that using the term of “housekeeper” is a retrogressive deal to go against the global trend to recognize domestic workers as professionals in the sense that ILO adopted the ‘Convention on Decent Work for Domestic Workers in 2011, recognizing domestic workers as workers and declared June 16th the “International Home Care Worker’s Day”.


Ok-kyung Park-Cha, Secretary General of the Korean Women's Associations Unite, said "SBS is also against the era like National Intelligence Service is against democracy." and “SBS has used the word ‘value neutral’ in the reply, but the value has changed in each era. To write a word to lead the trend of the times is the role of the broadcasting station.”


At a statement from field, Ok-sup Sim, the head of Incheon branch chief of the National House Managers Cooperative, was strongly demanded We, as a member of National House Managers Cooperative, we are trained as an expert and working in the pride. We are domestic workers that specializes in housework. Call us ‘house manager’."


At following performance, they demanded to use the term ‘house manager’ instead of the word 'Housekeeper', wiping written word ‘Housekeeper’ out with the water. At the moment when the paint used for the performance runs down to the floor, house manager in the press conference felt embarrassment. In the next breath, without exception, they took tissues and wet tissues out from their bags and started to polish the floor with them. They could not bear the fact that they stained the street as experts of domestic labor who could not stand even a small dust.


Domestic workers has not been recognized as workers legally yet, excluded from legal protection, and not received the four basic social security, also. In addition, the government has not yet ratified the "Convention on Decent Work for Domestic Workers' ILO was adopted in 2011.


[Press Conference Statements]

  Do not call House Keeper of the Domestic workers!


We heard the news that SBS will be airing a drama titled [The Suspicious Housekeeper] a while ago. As the word ‘housekeeper’ is perceived “a swamper for house-chores”, namely a “servant” rather than a term for professional occupation, ‘housekeeper’ signifies the lower class who are not respected as workers. As with many words as pointing to occupation, in accordance with the changing times, housekeeper also has changed in other words gradually. Household affair laborers belonging to National House Managers Cooperative have enhanced the expertise through continuing education, and it is an effort to undergo observed in the occupational cluster. They also have requested to call "Domestic workers" or "Home Care Worker" for themselves to respect as the workers. By changing the words referring to, they have enhanced the self-esteem and professional pride


Global trend also have asked the good quality of working environment and security rights as workers of household affair laborer. The ILO, that adopted the 'Convention on Decent Work for Domestic Workers' in2011, recognized home care workers as workers. In addition, ILO declared the day ‘International Domestic Workers Day’ in June 16, this year and proceeded the event.


At a time like this, to news that is using the word in the title of Housekeeper drama to be broadcast on public TV, we will not be able to hide the embarrassment. Media, public TV in particular is, has the influence and massive destruction in our society. So, the choice of word must be very careful. Language is a reflection of the society and continues to lead the times. SBS stuck on the use of old anachronistic language while ignoring the role and responsibility of media and language like this. This is a denial of the flow and changing times and an insult to ignore the household affair laborer of 300,000 people at the same time.


Korean Women Workers Association and National House Managers Cooperative sent a written opinion which requires to change their title in SBS drama station twice. However, in the written opinion of the first, SBS side notified it would not change the title, in the opinion of sending second, even though the deadline for response has passed, there is no answer followed. Household affair laborer is anger if SBS stuck on the use of the word housekeeper much. We request strongly that SBS changes the title of the drama that [The Suspicious Housekeeper] as soon as possible.


- Do not call House Keepers of domestic workers!

– SBS apologizes to domestic workers!!


September 6, 2013

National House Managers Cooperative, Korean Women Workers Association, Korean Women’s Associations Unite


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We condemn the Namyang Dairy for oppression of women workers on the grounds of pregnancy and marriage!


Since an abusive voice-recoding, which reveals “forced sales” to wholesale agent by an employee of Namyang Dairy, had been publicized widely, Namyang Dairy was stamped on a representative company which tyrannizes to an authorized retail store.

After that, Association of victim agent of Namyang Dairy had gone on a negotiation with head quarter of the company and, meanwhile, people and civil society had stood up to tyranny of the company by a boycott. However, Namyang Dairy formed a “yellow” association of agent in the midst of negotiation, and declared a conclusion of negotiation with the “yellow” association.


In respond to this, Association of victim agent of Namyang Dairy declared a breakdown of negotiations in June 19, and entered into hunger strike, shaving their hair, before the head office of Namyang Dairy, which continue today. However, it was found that the Namyang Dairy forced woman employees of its headquarter to resign on the ground of pregnancy and marriage according to the report of YTN, June 27th. The head office side of Namyang Dairy has miserably trampled on the rights of women workers such as pushing through conversion to non-regular workers of female employees married, no guaranteeing the maternity leave, 10% reduction in wages and weighing on leaving because of marriage.


Namyang Dairy side lined a poor excuse, "A few employees of some want conversion to contract positions". After YTN news, Namyang Dairy said, non-regular workers will be converted to regular jobs, to be paid retroactively even wages that were cut by the end of the year, but it's a position that is not a big mistake. However, Namyang Dairy which ranks the top in milk powder industry in Korea, unlike its own advertising copy "to be together in the heart of the mother", cracked down on women workers that became a mother.


Namyang Dairy must stop immediately deception for consumers in this way and ensure a better working condition and basic rights of women workers. Also, Ministry of Employment and Labor must ensure the labor rights of women through thorough investigation into the violations of Namyang Dairy against the Equal Employment Opportunity Act and Labor Standards Act and strengthening the punishment. Women's organizations strongly condemn Namyang Dairy for oppression of blatantly the labor rights of women workers and strongly demand its action to prevent the recurrence of discrimination of women workers.


- We condemn Namyang Dairy that suppresses female workers on the grounds of pregnancy and marriage!

- Ministry of Employment and Labor investigates thoroughly the tort of Namyang Dairy and Strengthens punishment!


July 3, 2013

Korean Women Net, Korean Women Workers Association, Korean Women’s Association United,
 Korean Women Link


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