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Starting with Korean Women Workers' Association in 1987, it changed into SWWA in 1992. SWWA has carried out diverse activities for women workers and built a new phase of women workers' movement by supporting the setup of KWWAU together with other regional women workers' associations.

SWWA, striving for empowerment of women comprising a half of heaven and breaking the chains of discrimination at home, at work and society, is your friend and hope to open a bright future for women.

Her activities

* Activities for Lifelong Equal Labor Rights

1) Women and Work

At work and at home, against all discrimination,  women need to live self-reliant and independent lives. For this, SWWA gives women diverse educational programs to raise their awareness and to support their economic activities.

2) Women and Gender, Marriage  

SWWA gives education courses to women to help them get better understanding of the essential systematic women's problems. Especially working women need to get the courses for understanding of realities of women workers, their movement, maternity protection, and sexual harassment at work.  

3) Women and Family

SWWA prepares educational courses such as sex education, points of view on love and marriage, and how to deal with sexual harassment at work. In addition, SWWA carries out programs for women such as how to be good parents, how to communicate with your children, how to make a democratic home and how to give sex information to their children.

4) Women and Law

SWWA carries out programs for women workers so that they can get more information on women related laws such as Equal Opportunity for Employment between men and women, Child care laws, Employment Insurance laws, laws for women's development, or Labor Standard Law.  

5) etc
For men, SWWA prepares programs. For example, anyone can participate in open lecture on history of labor movement given by labor activists who played vital roles in 1970s to 1980s.  
Also anyone interested in our programs feel free to call us.

* Job Training Activities

More and more women want to keep working after marriage. As only monotonous low-paid jobs are allowed for women, women also want to have their own speciality in job markets. However, now we are facing the reality that we can't get any stable jobs due to the lack of skills and training courses are not enough for all women who want to take.
Thus, SWWA leads the way to job creation and job stability for women. SWWA published case study book on job training of women and suggestions to develope the programs in 1994 and now making every effort to develope advanced programs for women, which can facilitate women to get jobs again. In addition, SWWA has diverse retraining courses to help them get better skills. After completing series of training courses, SWWA give job information to women trained and also gives counseling and advice for women to keep their lifelong right to work.

* Policy Development

1) Maternity Protection : "women workers' safety and health","vocational disease and maternity protection", "schemes for society to share the cost of maternity protection"

2) Equal Employment : "struggle guidelines for raise of women workers", "abolition of forced retirement due to marriage and pregnancy and of early retirement", " guidelines of Ministry of Gender Equality for trade unions", "policies for women to work"  

3) Job Security

"the real situation of job insecurity for women workers and its countermeasures","how can we solve the problem of deteriorating job insecurity","no rights, double exploitation, how can we see this", "employment insurance and women's job security"
4) Child Care  

"amendment bills for child care laws", "direction of current child care movement and future tasks of women labor movement", "proper measures to establish nursery at work"

* Solidarity Building : SWWA regularly exchange and share experiences and activities     with other organizations in and abroad.

* Her Associates

1) Hot Line for Equality (EQUALINE)

In order to protect women workers against infringement of their human rights at work   and to effectively support them, Equaline is set up and gives counsels and advice to women. Call, visit, letter, or e-mailing can contact Equaline.
Tel : 02-853-8354 / 0505-555-5050/
Fax : 02-861-0815
E-mail :
Cyber-counseling :
Biz hour : Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m. ~ 7 :00 p.m./ Saturday 10:00 a.m.~ 1:00 p.m.
           Besides biz hour, appointment in advance can make counseling time.

2) Tuntuni(Sound mind sound body) Children's House
For working parents in Guro, in 1989 Tuntuni Children's House was established and in August 2001 it was rebuilt as schooling community for children.  Child care is not only a family responsibility but also a responsibility of our society and Tuntuni Children's House can be an alternative child care community.  
Tel : 02-837-3073

3) Guro Women Resource Development Center  

Guro Women Resource Development Center was established for the rights of women workers and for their economic reliance by support of Ministry of Labor.
While more women want to participate in economic activities since 1980s, there are still high barriers to limit their participation in labor market. Thus SWWA has asked for enhancement of job training and educations to expand women's employment and job stability, especially in this period of increasing irregular women workers.  

◐ Cultural courses for the community
- acupuncture
- sports dance
- reading fairy tales
- English conversation by native speakers

◐ Building job capacity courses

- making clothes and repairing
- attaining licenses to be hair dresser and Korean Food cook
- home nurses courses

◐ Computer courses: windows, Excel, Hangeul 97, HTML, Flash, Photoshop, Ilustrators and web design

Tel : (02) 867 - 4456
FAX : (02) 867 - 4459
E-mail : / 

4) Guro 'Samteo' Self-support Center

◐ Community Workplace
For women who can't get jobs due to their conditions, community workplace can provide them with side jobs to support their livelihood. At the first course, women can learn how to make stationeries and at the next course, they can complete fuzzy stuffed toys and electronic parts. During the courses women can meet each other and completion of the courses can make them open a common business together.
◐ Another Room
Another Room is a collective which produce uniforms or accessaries for the women completing the courses of Community Workplace. It gets orders and produces goods for the demanders.

◐ Skillful Foxes
Skillful Foxes is a brand name for SWWA. Among job seekers, every two women a month are arranged for high-skill training and given jobs as sewer.  By giving one skill training a month, SWWA aims to increase productivity.

◐ Food Delivery Service
Food Delivery Service markets, cooks, and delivers their food for special events. It develops Korean Daily Food and family events menu for marriage or funeral and for women who want to open their business it can be experience for management.

◐ Home Helper for women delivered a baby
◐ Home Helper : housekeeping or cleaning
Tel : (02) 856 - 0516
E-mail :
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